Cocunut Recipe Videos - Idli, Pattice, Roll

Now that I am married in a South Indian family, I aspire to make the best South Indian recipes. And what better way to start - Coconuts! All I needed were some fast and tasty recipes to impress my in-laws. And voila! I found them all at in Marathi.

Cocunut is Nariyal in Hindi, Naral in Marathi
Coconut Roll is Sweetmeat


Peas Golgappe and Babycorn Tikki Recipe Videos

I love Paani Puri a.k.a. Golgappas. Here are interesting recipe videos of Peas / Matar Golgappas and Babycorn Tikki in Marathi courtesy and Aamhi Saare Khavayye

Matar is Peas in English


Aloo Tikki Recipe, Bhajiya Chaat, Sayel Bread in Marathi - Aamhi Saare Khavayye - myPOPKORN

Watch this enticing video in Marathi for:

Aloo Tikki with Chana Dal Stuffing

Mirchi Bhajiya Chaat

Sayel Bread, a common Sindhi breakfast

Aamhi Saare Khavvaye


How to make softer chapatis

Just a couple of tips:

1 - Knead the dough for chapati and keep it covered with a slightly wet cloth for an hour or so. It will be easier to make and cook chapatis after this. If dough is kneaded in the morning and used for cooking in the evening (after keeping it in the refrigerator of course), it works still better.

2 - Try to roll the chapatis with putting equal pressure on all sides across the chapati's surface and by using a smooth and even rolling pin. 

Dough in Hindi is Aata / Gunda hua aata
Chapati / roti is Indian bread
Rolling pin is belan in Hindi


Christmas Cake Recipe Video

Alright this is a vegetarian recipe blog. But then, how can one resist cakes during Christmas!
Here's a yummy traditional Christmas Fruit Cake recipe video. Merry Christmas!


Bengali Sandesh - Khana Khazana Recipe -

I wait for people to come from Kolkata and get for me the yummy sweet Bengali Sandesh. But now, I can cook Sandesh right in my kitchen thanks to the lovely recipe I found on!

This site sure keeps me updated with the best recipes of Sanjeev Kapoor's Khana Khazana.

Here's the link of Bengali Sandesh recipe video on

Have a sweet day!


Cottage Cheese (Paneer) in Yellow Gravy

Again this Paneer recipe comes courtesy and Zee Marathi's Aamhi Saare Khavayye!

How addicted I am to this site!!!

Try out the Cottage Cheese (Paneer) in Yellow Gravy preparation as in this video and I bet you'll receive demands to make the Paneer Gravy everyday! Enjoy the mouthwatering recipe.


Paneer Babycorn Balchao - Khana Khazana - Sanjeev Kapoor - Video

Yummy Paneer Babycorn Balchao! I love watching these Khana Khazana recipes on!


Diwali Mithai Recipe Videos in Marathi - Citrus Fruit Panha, Baked Cake and Pretzel Recipes

Diwali is synonymous with mithai [sweets] - ladoos, karanji, chakli, chiwda... nothing can replace the traditional sweets of the festival. Yet, don't you feel like preparing a new and special sweet every Diwali?

Here are a few mithai / sweet recipe videos, courtesy Vegetable Cand Zee Marathi. Am sure you'll try out the Citrus Fruit Panha, Bakedake and Pretzel recipes after watching these videos online. Don't forget to tell me if the recipes work wonders for you and invite praises galore.

Happy Diwali!


Recipe Ingredients - Vegetable Names - English To Hindi, Marathi

Prefer a recipe in Hindi or Marathi? Well, until the time I am able to write recipes in Indian languages, here's a little help.

If you find some interesting recipe in English, but are not sure what particular vegetables are called in Hindi or Marathi, this might just be handy:

Capsicum in Hindi - Simla Mirch
Capsicum in Marathi - Bhopli Mirchi

Cabbage in Hindi - Bandhgobi / Pattagobi
Cabbage in Marathi - Pan Kobi

Broad beans in Hindi - Sem
Broad beans in Marathi - Ghewda

Bottle gourd in Hindi - Ghia
Bottle gourd in Marathi - Dudhi

Bitter gourd in Hindi - Karela
Bitter gourd in Marathi - Karle

Ash gourd in Hindi - Safed petha
Ash gourd in Marathi - Kohala


South Indian recipes

I'll be soon getting married to my sweetheart who happens to be Telugu. It's time to learn all those yummy South Indian dishes. Any tips / recipes?


Trying out new recipes

Bought three recipe books. Will try out some with my own changes, obviously, and let you know. Until then, wish you a happy and healthy eating.


Paneer Butter Masala


Chatpata Salad

Getting bored in the evening and wanting to munch something yummy? Forget the high calorie and high cholesterol snacks and open your eyes to a delicious & healthy alternative - Chatpata Salad. It doesn't take more than 15 minutes.

For 2 people - a bowlful for each.

Half medium-sized cabbage, finely chopped
1 Apple, finely chopped
1 Medium-sized capsicum, finely chopped
Juice of 1 lemon
A pinch of black pepper powder
A pinch of chat masala
Salt as per taste
3 pellets of sugar free
Coriander leaves for garnishing

Mix the chopped cabbage, apple and capsicum. Add the lemon juice and the spices, salt and sugar free pellets. Serve in bowls and garnish with coriander leaves.


Yummy achaari aloo (a spicy potato dish)

This sumptuous preparation at the MTDC resort in Matheran was simply finger-licking. I don't know the recipe but I can bet that you order for this delight out there and you will only commit gluttony!


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