Chole Bhature recipe by Sanjeev Kapoor

Think of Chole Bhature and your mouth starts watering. But another thing happens simultaneously, the thought that bhature involves too much oil occurs to your mind and leaves you in a dilemma. Not anymore! Our smart chef Sanjeev Kapoor has a way out.


How to store Paneer?

If you get fresh paneer from the dairy store and want to keep it in the fridge for a while, there is a way to do that.

Once I had bought malai paneer but by the time I reached home after shopping, I was too tired to cook. So I kept the packet in the fridge. The next morning, the paneer was all spoiled!

Why? Well, our milkman told us the reason. He suggested that we should immediately remove the paneer cube from the plastic packet and keep it soaked in some water. Then we can leave it in the fridge until next day.

I tried it the next time and it worked!


Which Paneer is better?

If you have to choose between regular paneer and malai paneer readily available at Dairy stores in India, opt for fresh malai paneer. It is much softer and tastier.


Oil-free steamed dosa – A healthy dosa recipe video in Hindi

The key to a perfect thin dosa is oil. But if you are conscious about your oil and fat intake, you need not think twice before eating a yummy and soft dosa. My favorite chef Sanjeev Kapoor has a superb recipe for oil-free steamed dosa! Check out the steamed dosa recipe in this Khana Khazana video:


Meaning of fennel seeds in different languages

When it comes to spices and certain ingredients, we tend to use the local name in the kitchen / grocery store. So when I am reading a recipe and I come across certain words like fennel seeds, I would generally get confused whether it means jeera, methi daana or saunf. Actually saunf did not even occur to me when I first read fennel seeds ;)

I thought it’s a better idea to keep a note of what certain spices and ingredients are called in various languages. It also helps when I visit a supermarket like Hypercity or DMart store just before trying out a new recipe. Hope this helps you too.

Here's the meaning of fennel seeds in various languages:

Fennel seeds in Hindi and Urdu - Saunf
Fennel seeds in Bengali - Mouri
Fennel seeds in Gujarati - Variyali
Fennel seeds in Kannada - Badesoppu
Fennel seeds in Malayalam and Tamil - Peruncheeragam / Shombu
Fennel seeds in Marathi - Badeeshep
Fennel seeds in Telugu - Sompu / Peddajeelakarra

Fennel seeds are used after meals as digestive. They are also used as breath freshener.


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