Palak Paneer recipe by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor

Like most of us, my mom taught me cooking. And then started chef Sanjeev Kapoor's Khana Khazana show on television. So if there were things we never cooked at home, Sanjeev Kapoor taught us those.

Palak Paneer (Cottage Cheese in Spinach gravy) is one of those easy recipes we have mastered thanks only to India's top chef! The key in preparing this and any other recipe is blanching palak (known as spinach in English). I have tried many variations in cooking Palak Paneer - some with adding grated ginger, some with adding tamarind pulp. However, for the authentic Palak Paneer recipe (text) by Sanjeev Kapoor, you may head here directly.


How to blanch Palak / Spinach in 7 steps

To make the most of the goodness of palak (spinach in English), blanching it properly is most important. This not only imparts a good green color to any palak dish but also improves the flavor and the aroma. Here are the 7 steps that go behind blanching palak / spinach perfectly:

1 - Separate the palak leaves from the stem
2 - Wash them them properly
3 - Add some salt to water and bring it to boil.
4 - Blanch the palak leaves in this water for a couple of minutes
5 - Drain the hot water from the leaves
6 - Dip them in cold / ice water for some time
7 - Squeeze out all the excess water


DINING OUT POLL: Punjabi cuisine preferred over others

This is true for my blog visitors, if not the entire country. I am running a poll on which cuisine people prefer while dining out. After 101 votes, the data shows that 38% of my visitors prefer Punjabi cuisine while 30% will go for Chinese (most of my visitors are Indians). Well, still many days are left to vote. So go ahead and let us know what would you like to indulge in while dining out. To find the poll, scroll down the blog and check out the extreme right hand side column.

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My Maggi Recipes: Maggi with Dal Tadka

Maggi, like many others, is my all-time favorite. And nothing can beat Maggi Masala Noodles. Now the other day we felt like having Maggi at midnight. And we added a little Indian twist to it - Dal Tadka. It tasted yummy!

How to make Maggi Dal Tadka? Prepare Maggi Masala Noodles as you always do and then mix some hot dal tadka (thick consistency) to it. It's simply irresistible and would leave you only wanting for more!


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