Aloo and Chini Parathas, Dal Makhani at J&K Dhabas

I returned from Jammu and Kashmir recently (June 7, 2010) and the trip had been more than fulfilling given the locale and the delicious food. Like always, I decided to try out just anything and everything (of course, vegetarian) without thinking about calories (and little bit hygiene). I so not regret my decision!

6 Aloo parathas, 2 chini (sugar) parathas and 1 onion paratha spread across a span of 6 days! And that’s just the breakfast. Our other indulgences at the Jammu and Kashmir dhabas included super creamy dal makhani, rajma chawal, mouthwatering paneer dishes, softest soft phulkas, freshly prepared mixed vegetables and lassi… to name a few ;)

You may wonder why I am not giving out the recipes here. Well, the dishes are prepared in the regular way but the amazing flavor can be attributed to the fact that the veggies and paneer are really fresh and juicy (unlike what we get here in Mumbai). And then, knowing that you’ll are food buffs, I had to tell you this – if you ever visit Jammu and Kashmir (which you must), don’t miss out the food at the local dhabas on the way and forget calories for once!


  • Chini (sugar) parathas are never on the menu. But the dhabawallahs don’t mind preparing them if you wanna try those.
  • Opt for bottled water.
  • Keep some time in hand. They prepare the dishes only after you place the order. Unlike in our cities, the gravies aren’t prepared in advance!
  • The food isn’t very spicy. So if you are from Hyderabad, you might have to tell them to make it spicy.


karan a 9 June 2010 at 10:33  

Chini (sugar) parathas! Never heard of them!

You just returned from the heavens on the earth! Good going!

SG 12 June 2010 at 03:20  

Nice one. I would have been more happier if you had included the recipe also. May be some other time.

Anuradha Khanna Pentapalli 18 June 2010 at 12:00  

simple, just stuff the dough ball with sugar before rolling for chini parathas

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