Cooking with Chronic Pain

I have always loved cooking. Trying out new recipes and being the perfect host at get-togethers is what I have always loved. But a few years ago, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a straightened spine and hypermobility of joints. That made cooking a tough task for me. It hurts to do so many things with different pain levels and pain areas everyday. Chopping veggies, kneading dough or even standing for 20 minutes while cooking often becomes a super painful task.

Hence, I have started this section "Cooking with Chronic Pain" where I intend to share my recipes and those I find online (with due credits of course). I hope it helps chronic pain people across the world cook with ease.

Do feel free to write to me at if you need to share your recipe / something you think will help.

Take care and Happy Cooking!

Here are some easy to cook recipes that might help you:
  1. Refreshing Apple Cinnamon Milkshake (SHAKES)
  2. Quick Breakfast - Bread Poha (BREAKFAST)
  3. Poha Chivda Recipe With Makhane (BREAKFAST)
  4. Quick Punjabi Kadhi recipe - Dahi Besan Kadhi (MAIN COURSE)

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