Rava Jaggery Laddu with Dry Fruits for Diabetics

My mom is diabetic and I don't like the idea of us all eating sweets during Diwali while shemanages with some snacks. Not that she loves sweets and will take any opportunity to indulge, she is very particular about not having sweets.
So I tried out Rava (Sooji /Semolina) Laddus without sugar. I used little jaggery instead and the dry fruits make up for the rest of the sweet flavour.

Here's the recipe for Rava Jaggery Laddu with Dry Fruits:


2 cups Rava
1/2 cup Jaggery (least sweetness, add more if there's no diabetes problem)
3/4 to 1 cup Pure Ghee
1 tsp Elaichi / Cardamom Powder
1/2 cup Fried Mixed Dry Fruits chopped in smaller size

Rava Laddoo preparation

  1. Fry the mixed dry fruits for a couple of minutes using 1 tsp pure ghee. Let them cool.
  2. Fry Rava in pure ghee stirring continuously until it cnages colour to light pink. Then add jaggery and cardamom powder. 
  3. When it stars changing colour (after a couple of minutes), add the mixed dry fruits. You don't want it to turn brown.
  4. Let the mixture cool a bit and make small sized laddus when it's little warm.

Important Tips:
  1. After the mixture cools completely in the process of rolling, it's tough to roll the laddoos. So warm on low flame a bit and then roll.
  2. Use grated / small pieces of jaggery so that it melts and dissolves completely.
  3. Make smaller sized laddoos - good for diabetics and also because people already have been eating sweets during Diwali and they might not want to eat an entire big laddu.


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